About Us

  What are we?

We are an Undergraduate Social Fraternity at CSU. 
We are the Delta Tau Delta Epsilon Omnicom Colony and we are committed to Lives of Excellence.

The Delts at CSU are committed to lives of excellence where we hold academics above all. Delta Tau Delta has won the award for highest fraternity GPA on campus for multiple years. Delta Tau Delta is where a group of guys, with similar values, come to hang and develop life long skills to help with all areas of life. Our brothers are founding fathers fostering connections and gaining applicable experience. 

Delt Values

Like every Delta Tau Delta chapter, all of our brothers hold the core values of Truth, Courage, Faith and Power.

Who is apart of our Colony?

The President

The current President of our Colony is Ryeson Berne. Ryeson is a 4th year at CSU studying Political Science with emphasis in criminal justice. He has served as President since November 2020. He was previously Director of New Member education and wants to see our Colony grow.  

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The Vice President

Our current Vice President is Jorie Alvis. Jorie is a 3rd year at CSU studying Data Science and Mathematics. Jorie is also our Director of Risk Management and Sargent at Arms. He has been Vice President since November of 2020 and has been our Director of Risk Management since Fall of 2019. Jorie is looking forward to teaching every new member what it means to be a Delt.

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Director of Recruitment

The Colony's Director of Recruitment is Diego Rodriguez. Diego is a Sociology major with emphasis in criminal justice on his 4th year at CSU. Diego was previously the Vice President of our Colony and was a part of the Recruitment Startup Team. This is Diego's second Year as Director of Recruitment. Diego is passionate about our Colony and works effortlessly recruiting New Members.

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